Eye Plant

The Eye Plant lives near Eye City. It is a kind hearted character who has become too accustomed to being judged by how he looks. He is defensive when he first meets Joh Avridge because he is afraid that Joh may be judging him. “What!? ... you don’t like how I look, ..huh? ...too many eyes for ya?, hmm? ...you scared I’ll stare too long atcha too much, all at once? Hmm?”  He has a low voice and quickly moving eyes. His eyes are engaging and their movement is all synchronized to dilate on a single point in space. He has ultra sharp vision, seeing 50 times more frames per second than a human being.
There are Eye Plants in and around Eye City. They love being in nature, but many of them have been dug up and taken to the city. The Eye Plants are protected by small Tape Ninjas that use their stealth to hide secretively while also fighting off digital insects, monotony and other threats that are foreign to the area. The digital insects want to feed on the Eye Plant and can leave the eye plant damaged or blind. The eye plant has no hands and so has developed a symbiotic relationship with Tape Ninjas. Tape Ninjas groom and feed on the Eye Plant gaining nutrients from its sugary licorice type hairs, which if left to grow would cover the eye plants eyes, so it could no longer see.
The Tape Ninjas are skilled craftspeople and use digital insect parts and other found objects for tool making so they may better protect and care for the Eye Plant with whom they share a personal bond. Some city Eye Plants want to return to nature but need help doing so. Joh decides to help the Eye Plants and Tape Ninjas to escape from the Eye City. It’s risky business and frowned upon by the Eye City Sheriff. Joh’s friend, Cold Gold thinks Joh is nuts but helps relunctanly…